Indietro Maritaly by Gazzella Viaggi e Turismo srl

Maritaly by Gazzella Viaggi e Turismo srl

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The motto “Italy in one region” becomes a reality for the Marche region thanks to the many itineraries available, the variety of landscapes, and the activities and feelings that this region can convey.  

The difference between one area and the other within the territory is linked not so much to the length of the region along the Adriatic coast, but to the uniqueness of the natural and manmade microcosms spread out between the coast and the inland, which over time drove the inhabitants to develop different lifestyles and their own local economy. 

This diversity must be read as a synonym of beauty, wealth and distinctiveness. The Marche region is a land with a rich history, but firmly moving towards modernity, closely tied to the values from its tradition, but also in continuous search for innovation.  


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