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The route of taste
Over the past few years, a flourishing production of craft beer has developed in the Marche region, with many small micro breweries scattered throughout the territory. Halogastronomy is the neologism that the Apecchio Città della Birra Association coined with the aim of expressing, communicating and promoting the combination of craft beer, quality product and territory. Beer therefore seen as an agricultural product and capable of strengthening ties both with other products and with the territory itself, until becoming the tourist flywheel to enrich provincial and regional basket policies.
Discover the quality certified production of craft beer in the region.

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Level of difficulty: media
Target: Enogastronomia

The stages of the itinerary

  • Monte Porzio - The brewery Angeloni
    The brewery Angeloni is located among the rolling hills of the Valcesano area, surrounded by barley fields.  Only variety of couplets barley ( mainly used for brewing) are selected for sowing,  because this sort of barley has got large caryopses, homogeneous and greater percentages of starch, and therefore with good yields in the production of malt. After threshing, the barley is sent to the malt house consortium of COBI  (consortium producers of barley and beer) where  the malting process is carried out after a careful cleaning and selection. The beers produced are without preservatives, unfiltered and unpasteurized, they are marked by character, uniqueness and elegance: MATER DEA, ISIDORA, ARTAIUS, MP SUNRISE.
  • Fermignano – Brewery “ il Mulino Vecchio” (The Old Mill)
    The agritourism "Verziere", is a country house with a dovecote tower of 1700, situated 15 km away from Urbino, in the municipality of Fermignano.
    Here you can taste typical dishes of the Marche tradition: from tasty selection of high quality cold cuts, to the classical and homemade first pasta dishes like “ravioli”, “gnocchi”( dumplings )and “tagliatelle” (noodles) to be flavored with delicate sauces and  with delicious local truffles in the fall season; second dishes of grilled meat and "tagliate". The brewery was obtained from the old stables of this country house. Several beers are produced: blond, amber, red double malt, a special blond for Christmas.
  • Apecchio –The brewery Venere
    The microbrewery "Venere" is currently part of the agricultural activity of the agritourism “Ca Cirigiolo”, at the foot of Monte Nerone, in the green Apennines between Umbria and Marche. "Venere" is a craft beer produced in small quantities. The quality of the product is due to the water of the Monte Nerone and the barley grown in the fields of the company. It ' s a top-fermented, unfiltered and unpasteurized beer, ( naturally fermented in bottle), without preservatives. Among the "Venere" beers , we mention: Blonde Style  "Pale Ale" 4.6 ° alc., Venere Red Style "Bitter" 4.7 ° alc., Venere Amber Style "India Pale Ale" 4.8 ° alc, Venere "Black" style "Stout" 4.7 ° alc.
  • Apecchio - Brewery Amarcord
    The Amarcord craft beers are among the most famous in Italy, they were initially produced in Rimini, and inspired by the filmmaker Fellini (Gradisca, Midòna, Volpina, Tabachéra). Their high quality is guaranteed by the use of advanced brewing technology, from a selection of barley malt, hops and first-class yeast and the purest spring water from the Monte Nerone in Apecchio. The Brewery passion for art brings to the collaboration with major international artists such as Maestro Tonino Guerra, screenwriter together with F.Fellini of the film Amarcord; the brewmaster Garrett Oliver from the Brooklyn Breweries in New York; the international renowned designer and illustrator from New York: Milton Glaser. They are linked to the new lines of Amarcord Special Reserve 100% yeast Champagne and the most international line AMA. To the international renowned street artist from Rimini : Eron, is entrusted the line of the new beer labels, such as Beer Gradisca Limited Edition.
  • Apecchio - Brewery Tenute Collesi
    Founded as a small handicraft production activity, the Collesi Company has earned a prominent place in the quality beers and spirits industry, both in Italy and abroad. Solid experience, expertise gained over time, a particular attention to the quality of raw materials, along with the respect of ancient and valuable methods of brewers and distillers, make Collesi the privileged representative of those who can recognize fermented beers in bottles and distillates of absolute excellence. The Imper Ale beer comes from Belgian master brewers, who right from the start has worked to achieve a perfectly balanced beer with great appeal, true to the Belgian Trappist brewing traditions of which he is one of the foremost exponents.The fine organoleptic qualities of Collesi beer are also the result of the brewery’s prime geographical location. The hard limestone water from Mount Nerone is one of Europe’s finest for brewing, adding precious value. The barley is grown in the Collesi family’s own fields, and after being malted at the Marche regional malthouse returns to the brewery as malt to be used in beer-making.The high and natural fermentation in the bottle of the beers, unpasteurized, guarantees the best expression of a full taste, which keeps the flavors of each ingredient. The distillates produced with a discontinuous method in steam boiler, are enriched with aromas of alcohol at the right time, resulting in a soft and refined taste. The perfect preservation of the marcs, carefully selected, is guaranteed by the ideal altitude for low humidity and wide temperature range of the Distilleries Collesi.The passion comes from Giuseppe Collesi, who is taking its beers to every part of the world – from the United States to Japan, from Russia to Northern Europe – along with a constant and continuous growth.Finally, and certainly no less important, the ingredients.In absolute coherence with slow-food principles, Collesi rewards the expectations of consumers looking for quality and genuine ingredients, respect for nature and the continuity of traditions in beers and distillates as well. In full accordance with these fundamental values, all Collesi products are made without shortcuts, scrupulously following rigorous criteria and ancient methods.A truly local brew with truly local ingredients!
  • Cantiano – Brewery of Catria
    The Project of the Brewery of "Catria" comes from the farm business "Corrieri", originally devoted to cereals. The two-row barley is cultivated on their company's fields, all located in the municipality of Cantiano, at the slopes of the Monte Catria: nearly 20 hectares of planted fields with the best respect of the surrounding environment, without the use of harmful chemicals. The respect of the territory is fundamental: in the process of plowing, sowing and threshing, only light tractors are used, in order to avoid the soil to be more compact . The barley is then fermented at Cobi, a Marche consortium, and then arrives at the brewery where it is turned into beer. Most farm electrical supply is guaranteed by photovoltaic panels, and in the summer time, the water is heated by the energy of the sun. For the beers production, they use the best water, coming from the sources of the Mountain Catria and most of malt derives from barley grown at their company's fields. The bottles are formed by 0,33 and 0,75 cl cl. To ensure the best taste experience and not affect the beer with the supply of carbon dioxide, the kegs of beer are key-keg, 20 or 30 liters.
    They have three beer versions: UKRE, TEKVIA, KLAVERNIA.
  • Serra Sant'Abbondio – The brewery “La Castellana”
    The brewery “La Castellana”was established in 2014 by the idea of Giacomo and Ludovico, two guys who have turned their passion for beer and attachment to their territory into a real profession.
    Passion, desire to get involved and promote the area are just three key words on which the project was born. The company is situated in the city  of Serra Sant'Abbondio, a small medieval village in the hinterland of the Marche region, perched at the foot of the  Mount Catria.
    The name of the brewery is a tribute to the"Palio della Rocca" (fortress) of Serra Sant'Abbondio , where six castles compete for the coveted prize with the famous goose race. The names of the beers are the castles taking part to the race: Sant’Honda, Leccia, Petrara, Montevecchio, Campietro e Poggetto.
    Currently available the  Leccia (Belgian Ale) and Sant'Honda (Red Ale); the brewery has a capacity production of 50 liters per cooked and is at present the smallest brewery in Italy. The use of water of Mount Catria and cereals of the company gives a strictly typical feature to the product . The beers “La Castellana” are made using natural process, without the addition of additives and not pasteurized.
  • Arcevia – Brewery “dei Castelli”(of the Castles)
    Italian craft beer, preservatives free, not pasteurized and not filtered.
    Birrificio dei Castelli is a craft brewery in continuous evolution that has the main objective of looking for high quality and unique product, made with respect for tradition. Their craftsmanship is also expressed in the plant design, a modular brewhouse composed of four vessels, that allows them to produce up to four different types of beer in one day.
    Long production and maturation timing, attention for detail and patience: only in this way they can get a high quality beer, which is capable to preserve all its fragrance and taste. Their desire is to spread a more aware and warned beer culture, focusing in its organoleptic and nutritional quality.
    They do not speak generically of beer, but craft beer, conceived and produced according to the tradition. This means: the exclusive use of natural ingredients, preservatives free, not pasteurized and not filtrated.
    The Beers :
    ITALICUM Italian Blond Ale
    FRUMENTUM Italian Wheat Ale
    PALMARES Italian Red Ale
    EXTREMA RATIO Italian Double IPA
    EXTREMA NIGER Italian Black IPA
    INTRA MOENIA Italian Cream Ale
    MIRABILIA Italian Golden Ale
    BREVIS FUROR Italian Amber Pale Ale
    REPETITA IUVANT Italian Saison
    CALIX NIGER Italian Chocolate Stout
    CAPUT MUNDI Italian Dark Strong Ale

    Beer of the Year 2016
    Extrema Ratio: First prize in the category “Double IPA”
    Beer of the Year 2016
    Calix Niger: Third prize in the category “Imperial Stout”
  • Servigliano – The Brewery Maltenano

    The name of the Brewery Maltenano  comes from a word game: exactly from San Vittoria in Matenano, a small village in the province of Fermo, located between the valleys of Aso and Tenna rivers, in a privileged and strategic position, halfway between the sea and the Sibillini mountains. The beers are produced using the best quality  selected raw materials and water of the Monti Azzurri , the Sibillini Mountains, coming from the Tennacola stream, tributary of the Tenna that plows through the namesake valley. They are not subjected to filtration, nor to pasteurization, but to a long and controlled maturation. There are three versions: Trinchetta, the blonde “beverina” , Martinicca, the “peasant amber”, Torbolenta, the alchemical double malt.

  • The brewery “Le Fate”
    Initially, the brewery “Le Fate” (the Fairies) was born in a small place in the centre of Comunanza, the crowning dream of Mauro and Tonino, that after various and different experiences, began taking their cue from the territory, ( image and product), since it is the same company to grow cereals for the production of its own beer.
    Research on taste for our beers comes from an effort to promote the Sibillini Mountains area, and to find out the perfect combination between the local and the international dimension.”
    Eight fairies identify eight different beers and eight different tastes, but each with a common aim: mixing the proprieties of fruits from the Sibillini Mountains area with beer’s typically international features.
    The brewery “Le Fate” (Fairies) takes its name from an old legend about wizards, warriors and fairies.
    According to the tales of Andrea da Barberino and Antoine de la Sale, the fairies lived at the court of the sorceress Sibilla in a dug cave in the rocks of the mountain.
    The cave, also called “The Cave of the Fairies” is located close to the “Monte Sibilla” (2150 mt. above sea level).
    Each one of our craft beers is named after a fairy, as narrated in the book “Il Guerrin Meschino” (Wretched Guerrin) by Andrea da Barberino.
    The story, dating back to the 1400, is that of an errant knight who headed to the cave of the Sibilla to find out about his origins.
    The continuous evolution of the Brewery le Fate was inspired by the local products, from the selection of malts and hops, thus finding the right combination of uniqueness and internationalization; not least the limited edition created in collaboration with fish producers of the Valdaso area: Beer saison Hariel.
    The company currently produces eight "Fate"(Fairies): LASIBILLA, LALCINA, CARMETA, LADEISI, LUNILIA, PIMPINELLA, NEVERINA and SILESIA; with a potentially four-fold monthly production. But the news is always just around the corner for Mauro and Tonino's friends, which in preview today announce a new line in the process of research and development with a more classic style and a completely new eye-catching layout".
     "In the new company we will make the entire production - the Brewer Massacci said- from  raw materials selection of  our farm, to the brewing process with a new and innovative system, from bottling, up to labelling and storage . In addition, we are setting up a tasting space of our products where we can tell our passion, with the desire to promote and enhance the Sibillini territory. "

    The brewery Le Fate remains open despite the earthquake which struck central Italy in 2016.